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Getting Back in the Game

After a bit of a sabbatical from the larger tournaments, I’m finally about to get back in the game, albeit at a much lower level. In 2010 I was fortunate enough to fish the FLW Tour as a co-angler, and despite miserable weather, and equally miserable fishing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Little did I know, that would be the last year I would be able to really devote much time to tournament fishing for what would be 6 years. I didn’t have any major life change, I think it was more of a matter of simply growing up, and prioritizing my life (and expenses) in a more adult manner. My wife and I focused our attention on getting our financial house in order, in preparation for her to become a stay at home mom. As the years went by, I started to get the tournament itch again, and usually I could scratch it with a the periodic local derby.

As last year neared an end, my wife and I evaluated our situation , and the progress we made, and we both felt like we could “Loosen the belt” a bit. So, that means this year, I’m officially back in the game (well, dipping my toe into it)!BFL

Everyone has heard of Guntersville, and knows about the massive fish that inhabit it. I’ve never spent much time on it, even though it’s only about a 2 hour drive from my house. I decided I needed to change that this year, and the way I’m doing it is to fish the Choo Choo division of the BFL’s. Every regular season tournament for this division is on Guntersville, so that guarantee’s that I’ll be out there a little this year :-). Plus, I have some really great friends who are also fishing this division, and someone is always out there practicing, so many weekends I can hop in with one of them and get a little extra time on the water. So far, the first tournament of the season has been postponed due to weather, but I’ve still been able to get out there and do a little practicing. I haven’t run into any giants yet, but I have found a few nice ones.

So, with the new tournament season about to get underway, I’ll post an occasional report, photo or tournament update, and hopefully document a win along the way!