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Staying off the Main Stream

I’ll freely admit it, the Strike King 6XD is one of my favorite crankbaits, ever. There is just something about it that seems to catch a lot of fish for me. I don’t know if I just picked it up for the first time, and just the right time, and built an unusual amount of confidence in it, or if it really is just that good. But, when you go digging through my tackle box, that is one of the few big brand name baits you will come across.

A few years ago, my wife and I started Home Brewed Tackle (which is now Home Brewed Outdoors), because I had fallen in love with the boutique tackle manufacturers. There was a new worm manufacturer that popped up pretty close to us, and they didn’t have an internet presence at all, so we became the first online retailer to carry their products. That worked great for a few years, until some personal issues within the company caused them to shut down. But, that experience sent us on a quest to discover all the “Garage Tackle” we could. As we started bringing in more and more product, I started noticing how much effort went into producing a quality product. I think when someones name is directly tied with a product, they take extra care in making sure it is a quality product.

As I’m sure any fisherman would do, from time to time I have to grab a bait or two out of inventory for “testing” purposes. Not to mention, when all of your friends fish, and you have a tackle store in your basement, they tend to like to “hang out,” aka go shopping, quite frequently. Many of them are now also hooked on the hand made tackle.

One of my favorite topwaters now is the Bass Hound Prop Bait.  It is designed and carved by Kip Carter, who happens to fish in many of the same tournaments I do.  I feel like I have personally donated enough money to Kip to put his kids through college.  I mean, this guy is the epitome of a “Local stick.”  If you stick his name in Google, you will get pages and pages of articles about him winning this or that.  So, when it comes to designing and building a bait, you can bet if he is involved, it will be good.

Why do I bring that up?  Simple, if you only shopped at the major online retailers, you would never find Kip’s baits.  That’s why my wife and I started Home Brewed Tackle a few years ago.  Our goal is to create a central hub for all of these manufacturers.  Over the years we have grown, and changed our name to Home Brewed Outdoors, but the idea has remained the same.  We are always looking for new products, and new vendors.  So next time, before heading out and making that purchase at a big box store, take a look around at some of the smaller guys.  You may just find your new favorite bait!