Silently guarding the bait in Venice.
Trying to hang on for one more fish.
Nature showing off on Lake Allatoona.
A jumping tarpon off the Venice Beach pier.

About Us

So, how did get started? 

Well, one evening, while watching the fine programing on MTV, I ran across a show called Jersey Shore.  Since I was mildly curious (i.e. I couldn’t help but watch) I put the remote down and spent the next thirty minuets scratching my head at the people on the screen.  One thing I did notice is how the guys were always talking about their recent conquest’s and how the a lot of the girls they meet were “DTF.”  If you don’t know what that means, odds are you are over 30 and have a wife and kids.  For the older crowd, it means “Down to fornicate,” but with slightly different verbiage.

Well, that night I was laying in bed when all of a sudden it hit me.  “DTF” could also stand for “Down to Fish.”  I was so excited about the joke I had just thought of that the  next day at work I told a fishing buddy of mine.  Being the quick thinker he is, he quickly grabbed the URL, and we have been sitting on it for a few years.  A few times we would try and throw together a site, but between work, school and life, it just never happened.  Recently my friend transferred the domain over to me, and now I’m giving it one more go.

So that’s where the name came from, but what is the site all about?

I will admit, I am a forum junkie.  I love reading all kinds of forums with a majority of them being fishing related.  The problem with a lot of them though, is they are pretty species specific.  Bass Boat Central tailors to bass fishing, Georgia Outdoor News is primarily bass and stripe bass (freshwater fishing), Pier and Surf is mainly about east coast surf fishing.  While these forums may have sections that branch out, the traffic is very minimal.  They are all great forums, and I have taken a lot away from each, but the problem is I just like to catch fish.  I don’t discriminate about which species of fish I catch.  I am just as happy catching a bream as I am catching a red fish.  I just love to fish, and that is why our motto at DownToFish is “Any Fish, Anywhere.”  If it will bite a hook, I want to catch it.  It is my hope that with this blog, I can share my experiences, and hopefully create a few new fisherman/women out there.  Each month or so I will try and target a unique species and make a post about it.  For instance, at the end of this month we will be headed to the coast for some land based shark fishing.  It will be something I (or anyone else on the trip) has never done, but it should be a blast.  On top of that, we will try and post some helpful articles about issues we may run into as well as any cool products that may cross our paths while pursuing our passion.

What is Home Brewed Tackle?

Home Brewed Tackle, or H.B.T. for short, is a small fishing tackle retail website my wife and I run.  We specialize in finding baits that are locally popular in certain regions, and many times hard to get, and we make them available online.  It is something we are doing to help support our fishing habit.  We don’t use our D.T.F. blog to advertise for H.B.T., but if you want some free stickers, shoot over an email, and we will send you a few out!  Also, if you decide there is something you just have to have, you can use the coupon code dtf10 to save 10% off your entire order!