Monthly Archives: September 2013

We Have Video!

After neglecting this blog for a long time, my wife and I have decided to incorporate it into our Home Brewed Tackle website.  Our hope is that it will give our customers a glimpse into our “fishing” lives, and give everyone an idea of just what we are “all about.”  Not to mention, it will be a great place to share some “behind-the-scenes” things for the business as well as (hopefully) some really cool fish catches.  To start out, we picked up a GoPro and have been playing around with it over the last few months.  We attempted to catch a shark on film, but that never panned out, so until the next trip, you guys are going to be stuck with bass footage.  My goal is to record some of our local “sticks” catching some big fish, as well as getting a “Tips and Tricks” segment going.  This is all in the very beginning stages, but hopefully we can grow it to be something special.

And now, to kick off the video series, we have local Home Brewed Hammer Eric, with a couple of nice frog fish from over the past weekend!  Check it out and let us know what you think!